The race against the European energy crisis

As the weather starts getting chillier with the changing of seasons, Europeans are facing a different kind of cold front this fall: higher energy bills along with the possibility of energy rationing and cuts in the coming months. With tensions high between Russia and Western Europe and French nuclear outages and a heatwave across Europe this summer boosting demand, the situation is looking grim.

The weaponization of gas deliveries from Russia has already resulted in energy shortages and high prices and will most likely cause an economic downturn in Europe this winter. But these high prices might not just last through this winter. Many gas market analysts expect prices to remain elevated for the next two years or more.

If the concern for high energy bills are at the forefront of consumers’ concerns, a common second thought is what are the alternatives then? With natural gas and oil prices on the rise, the need for alternative energy sources is also rising, big time – especially with the knowledge that these natural gasses also have disasterous effects on our planet.

Startups all over the world have been pushing for smarter energy solutions for years, but the current circumstances might just swing us into their widespread implementation sooner rather than later.

Fortunately, at VivaTech last June, we got to chat with a few startups that are making waves with their innovative energy solutions. Here’s our list of 5 game-changing green energy startups that are running in the race against the energy dilemma.

Equium – Heat your home with the power of sound
Some 80 per cent of household gas demand is from heating while the rest is from hot water and cooking. With traditional heating at the top of the list for least energy efficient, one startup is trying to change the heat pump game with an interesting concept: heat and cool your home through the power of sound.

The Equium Acoustic Heat Pump works with the thermo-acoustic effect which uses the energy of sound to replace classical compressors that are traditionally used to heat homes. “The time of traditional heating is half an hour. So, if you start to heat your home, it’s slow and takes a while. But the time of acoustic heating is a millisecond. It’s instantly warmer or cooler.” explained Equium CEO Cedric Francois.

But the energy startup doesn’t want to just stop there with their heat pump. Their mission is to share the power of this natural energy with as many people as possible and help solve the current climate problem. “I get up in the morning, animated by the fact that I’m doing something which is essential,” said Cedric. “We have to focus on this sector because if not, we will continue killing all the biodiversity. My goal is to participate in bringing the world this new solution, for my kids, for the next generations.”

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