Solutions to Measure, Manage and Reduce Emissions

COP27 is officially underway in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. The United Nations climate change conference brings together 120 heads of state, tens of thousands of delegates, as well as international media and NGOs working to avoid climate disaster.

World leaders will be discussing the best ways nations can curb their emissions. With the hope that bigger pledges are made (and kept) in the following year, what’s certain is that action needs to be taken on every level.

Business and civil society have their part to play. Some startups are taking on the challenge, aiming to help curb emissions by helping businesses and organizations measure, manage and reduce their carbon footprint. Here are 7 solutions that we think you should keep an eye on:

Urbanomy is a carbon and energy planning consultancy. The startup launched in 2020 after a year with EDF Corporate Ventures Incubator and now helps their customers to reach low carbon goals for their organization, real estate projects, or portfolio of assets.

The French startup uses a decarbonization methodology that can define a science-based pathway to net zero. Customers can monitor their progress and reevaluate their actions based on what’s working. In 2022, Urbanomy worked with VivaTech to consolidate our carbon reduction roadmap for the event!

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